Community cohesion

Like other schools, Mount Street Primary is charged with developing community cohesion. Plymouth City Council describes this as “…. the ability of communities to function and grow in harmony“. It is essential for the school community. It is also important for the wider community outside school. To this end, Weller and Bruegel (2009) examine “…. the role children play in developing the kinds of connection and relationship that build social networks, trust and neighbourliness.” They explore “neighbourhood social capital in relation to two critical interactions: first, between social policy, parenting values and children’s autonomy and, secondly, between children’s and parents’ local engagement“.
Note to self: read this.

Locality working must presumably have a role to play in the development of community cohesion.
Note to self: find out how these tie together.

WELLER, S. & BRUEGEL, I. 2009. Children’s Place in the Development of Neighbourhood Social Capital. Urban Studies, 46, 629