The company

Anapoly Ltd is based in Plymouth.  The company was formed so that we could engage with the University of Warwick to supervise full-time, post-graduate students carrying out research projects on Masters courses. Our students to date have come from 16 different countries and have undertaken research on diverse topics relating to ‘Innovation & Entrepreneurship’, ‘Supply Chain & Logistics Management’ and ‘Programme & Project Management’.


Our next goal is to make a contribution to prosperity in Plymouth. We want to become engaged in the further development of ideas about innovation and entrepreneurship. Also, to invest our capabilities in young people, for example by encouraging and supporting budding entrepreneurs who want to develop their business ideas and create start-up enterprises.

Anapoly has a small office close to Plymouth University with workspace for about 4 people. Together with mentoring and coaching by Anapoly and tied in with other support from the university, this could be a stepping stone for young entrepreneurs as they develop their businesses. Potentially, it could develop into a business relationship.
Working separately from the university milieu in a supported environment