Investigation of locality working in Bristol

Barry Sullivan’s dissertation (2011) investigated “…. experiences of multi-agency working to inform the locality developments being experienced within the authority“. His research questions were:

  1. What are the factors perceived by practitioners within this Local Authority‘s Children‘s Services as most important to effective locality-based service delivery?
  2. What are the perceived benefits of locality working for those in this Local Authority‘s Children‘s Services broadly and educational psychologists more specifically?
  3. What can we learn from professionals‘ experiences of multi-agency working to guide the development of locality teams?

According to the abstract, the paper “is concerned with the development of a model of multi-agency service provision, locality working, in a unitary Local Authority (LA). …. The literature review highlights the lack of evidence supporting the notion that multi-agency working results in better outcomes for service recipients. …. Its unique contribution is to provide an appreciative conceptual model for a form of multi-agency service delivery …

This is probably worth a read to see what Mount Street Primary can learn from it. I wonder what an appreciative conceptual model looks like?

SULLIVAN, B. M. 2011. The Development of Locality Working and its Impact on Educational Psychologists: an Appreciative Inquiry. University of Bristol.