Tools for business design & test

Quotes from the books Value Proposition Design and Business Model Generation by Osterwalder & Pigneur

“The business model design process … has five phases: Mobilize, Understand, Design, Implement, and Manage.

… the Understanding and Design phases tend to proceed in parallel.

Business model prototyping can start early in the Understanding phase, in the form of sketching preliminary business model ideas.

… prototyping during the design phase may lead to new ideas requiring additional research – and a revisiting of the Understand phase.

… the last phase, Manage, is about continuously managing your business model(s). In today’s climate, it’s best to assume that most business models, even successful ones, will have a short lifespan. Considering the substantial investment an enterprise makes in producing a business model, it makes sense to extend its life through continuous management and evolution until it needs complete rethinking. Management of the model’s evolution will determine which components are still relevant and which are obsolete.”

“The Environment Map helps you understand the context in which you create.
The Business Model Canvas helps you create value for your business.
The Value Proposition Canvas helps you create value for your customers.”

“The value proposition is visible and tangible and thus easy to discuss and manage. It perfectly integrates with the Business Model Canvas and the Environment Map, two tools that are discussed in detail in Business Model Generation … Together, they shape the foundation of a suite of business tools.
The Value Proposition Canvas zooms into the details of two of the building blocks of the Business Model Canvas.”