Schools defined to be ‘coasting’

A technical guide for primary schools published in December 2016 defines the “coasting” progress threshold as below -2.5 in reading, -2.5 in mathematics or -3.5 in writing. Schools have to be below at least one of these thresholds and have fewer than 85% of children making the expected progress to meet the definition. To be defined as “coasting”, they have to meet the definition for three consecutive years. The Regional Schools Commissioner (RSC) applies this criterion to school data once the key stage 2 results have been published and then takes follow-up action with schools identified as coasting.

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School value added

I am researching the ways in which school performance is assessed and have focused for a while on ‘value added’. The initial findings from my research are shown here, which looks only at the whole school measure. I hope the style of presentation communicates what the numbers are saying in a way that is easy to understand. Something for the Performance Working Group to develop further?