Entrepeneurship: six types of start-up

In this video, Steve Blank identifies six different types of startup:

  1. lifestyle start-up – an enterprise where a single entrepreneur makes a sufficient living out of pursuing a passion (for example surfing);
  2. small business startup – intended to be a nothing more than a profitable small enterprise such as family grocery store;
  3. scalable start-up – the founders have £billion ambitions for growth to become a large company;
  4. large company sustaining innovation – initiatives within a large company to stimulate innovation in order to maintain competitive position.;
  5. buyable start-up – a startup intended to be sold to a large corporation once the business model has been shown to work; and
  6. social entrepreneurship start-ups.

Blank argues that these each need different entrepreneurial skillsets.

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  1. Each of these six very different startup types has different financial goals, requires different teams and uses different financing strategies.

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