The literature on project and programme management

The figure shows the growth in the number of publications whose title includes ‘project management’ (the blue line) and ‘program management’ or ‘programme mangement’ (the red line).
Source: Google Scholar

3 Replies to “The literature on project and programme management”

  1. Interesting trend! Just goes to show literature on programme management is not as advanced as that of project management.

    Hmmm… this actually can be a good figure to use in the literature review for a thesis on project/programme management. 🙂

      1. From my experience in researching programme risk management… the definition of what is a ‘programme’ is still unclear. The term is often interchangeably used as ‘project’, ‘multi-project’, as well as ‘portfolio’.

        Perhaps a lot of articles in “project management” could actually be also classified as “programme management” articles.

        Especially with the fact that programmes cannot be estranged from its project roots; research on programmes entail research on projects as well. 🙂

        Also… The graph would be a good image to use to prove the lack of programme management articles, thus giving a solid basis on why students’ thesis could contribute to the programme management field! (I could have used it in my thesis)

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