Structures in a theoretical framework

The theoretical framework needed to explain knowledge obtained from a literature review might contain some generic structures. For example:

  • I think of concepts, principles, methods and techniques as being quite closely related to each other. Ideas such as Lean Thinking or Six Sigma can be explained using these constructs.
  • I also think of policy, process and practice as being closely related. They are often based on or make use of ideas which are expressed using the constructs above.
  • That enables me to think of a methodology as something which packages together both of the above.
  • Finally, a strategy can be based on a combination of some or all of the above to achieve a particular purpose.


One Reply to “Structures in a theoretical framework”

  1. I agree with your thoughts on structural framework… I tried to apply this to my thesis… I think it helped me build up my research so far.

    I tried to structure the fundamental concepts (e.g. risk management, programme management and results based management). I tried to make sense of the concepts and find evidence that the UNDP policy, process and practice are based on these concepts.

    Although, right now I’m still struggling with coming up with a methodology to tie it all together to achieve my research objective. It might be that I made a wrong assumption somewhere along the way and have to rethink my theoretical framework.

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