Case study designs

Robert Yin identifies four basic types of case study design, illustrated below.  In all designs it is necessary to consider and perhaps analyse the context of the case.

case_study_designsBasic types of design for case studies (Yin, 2009, p.46)

YIN, R. K. 2009. Case study research: Design and methods, Sage publications, INC.

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  1. Hi Alec, can you clarify what ’embedded unit of analysis’ mean? For my research… I’m pretty sure I’m doing multiple case studies… I thought my primary unit of analysis is the ‘programme risk management processes’… however looking at programme risk management entails me to look at the project risk management to some extent. Does this mean I’m looking at it as an embedded unit of analysis? I’m having difficulty defining my unit of analysis, can there be more than one?

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