School inspection regime

The regime for maintained schools is explained here:

See also the framework for school inspection from January 2012.

The school inspection handbook provides instructions and guidance for inspectors conducting inspections under section 5 of the Education Act 2005 (as amended). It sets out what inspectors must do and what schools can expect, and provides guidance for inspectors on making their judgements.

There is guidance on the use of evidence forms.

The self-evaluation form (SEF) for maintained schools has been discontinued “in line with the Government’s programme for cost efficiency and reducing bureaucracy. This does not mean that Ofsted no longer values schools’ participation in the inspection process. Self evaluation remains an important aspect of a school’s work, and inspectors will continue to welcome the evaluation of the school’s performance and consider it when making their judgements. However, there will be no set format in which to produce it. For inspections of independent or maintained schools that take place from autumn term 2011, inspectors will accept a self evaluation in any format. Schools may present their SIEF or SEF, or any update thereof, if they wish. However, schools will not be disadvantaged if they choose not to do so.” (Ofsted, 2011)