Some observations about One UN

Some observations from Eddie Borup ….

The One UN was initially a trial – Vietnam was one of the first.

However it changed from a “single UN Structure” to be a Single UN Budget and all UN agencies in one Building – so the impact is not as big as it could have been.  A single building is very sensible and there are some savings i.e. security, admin, building rent/services. Having a single budget is more exciting as it means that in a Results Based Budget it becomes clear how many agencies are interfering with “Poverty” or “Aids” so it gives the Country a better chance to have a focused approach and clear lines of responsibility.

Here in the Maldives I have tried to get the UN Family to agree to a “One Project Management Capacity Development Plan” as a way of building on the concept – many different agencies are all doing PM development…not always teaching the same principles!

I think the following link is the paper that kicked it off:
Search on ‘One UN’ as well as ‘Delivering as One’.”