EndNote Web – using Harvard style

To set the Harvard style as one of your favourites for use throughout EndNote web:

  1. Open EndNote Web.
  2. Select the ‘Format’ tab and then ‘Bibliography’.
  3. Click on ‘Select Favourites’ beside the drop down box labelled Bibliographic Style.
  4. Scroll down the list labelled ‘All’ and select ‘Harvard’.
  5. Click on ‘Copy to Favorites’.

The Harvard style will now be available to you in the Cite While You Write plug-in for MS Word.

  1. On the EndNote Web toolbar in MS Word, select ‘Harvard’ in the Style drop-down box .
  2. Put the cursor in the document where you want to enter the citation and click ‘Find Citations’.
  3. A window opens to let you select the reference. When you have done so, click ‘Insert’.
  4. The citation is inserted in the body of the text and the reference is added to the list of references at the end of the text.