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  1. This is an interesting topic.
    The global construction industry is worth over US$3.2 trillion per annum (Sohail and Cavil, 2009). ASCE (2011) estimates that corruption account for over US$500 of annual global construction costs. It means that corruption is not only a waste but is contrary to all tenets of projects management and especially Lean Thinking.
    ASCE (2011) ASCE Efforts to Combat Corruption [Online]. American Society of Engineers, Available from: (Accessed: 18th December, 2011)

    Sohail M and Cavili, S. (2009) “Accountability to Prevent Corruption in Construction Projects”, Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, 134(9), pp.729-738.
    One way to improve this blog is to make it STRICTLY professional, where people discuss as academics. References should be included in discussions so that its is not only a blog, but a rich academic resource.

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